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>> thank you very much. if you went to bed early fireworks may have awakened you a bit. >> one aspen hills family got a big surprise when an suv crashed into their home. jessica. >> reporter: now we wait as the casey anthony jury goes back to work this morning i am jessica stone outside the courthouse in orlando. >> today prince georges county council meeting to talk about the future for leslie johnson. we will take a closer look as fox 5 morning news continues now. taking a lookout side a look at traffic on the belt way border between maryland and virginia, it is july 5th, 2011 good morning thanks for being with us this tuesday morning. i am steve. >> i am alison seymour. it is 7:00 a.m. the latest on the weather from tucker barnes.
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>> good morning. yeah, we have improving conditions after some unwanted rain moved through parts of the region last night. nice looking forecast, typical summer time weather. left over showers bringing light sprinkles and light showers to the low eastern shore. here in washington we are done with it, see off to the north and west, clear skies let me mention though that parts of the area, particularly north and west, as temperatures cool, experiencing pretty good fog, visibility in hagueers town and martins burg that should burn off and we should be in for a mostly sunny day. regan national, 75, 69 baltimore, 66 winchester and 77 in ocean city, your forecast for today generally a good one hot this afternoon highs approaching the 90-degree mark but we have taken at least temporarily the threat of a
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shower thunder storm out of the forecast, we will look ahead to next weekend coming up in a minute. good morning tucker want the talk about the accident, arun dell county watch for police activity there. travelling route 50, inbound, things look good live look at 50 through 202 reports of traffic but from the angle here looks like things are moving shouldn't be too bad. new york avenue, inbound, let's look at traffic land. here we are definitely volume, brent wood parkway and florida avenue and again at the 3rd street tunnel as you travel in bound elsewhere, canal road, chain bridge. lights reportedly on flash. add to some congestion no problems i-95, here we are 395, delays to seminary and again at
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the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. we are following breaking news from iraq this morning the toll is rising death toll after a series of bombings north of baghdad authorities say at last 35 people are dead after a car bomb went off as people bath everred to help the victims, -- as people gathered to help the victims, a roadside bomb exploded. locally a car slammed into a home in montgomery county with three people inside. there was serious damage one young woman the driver of the vehicle under arrest. tara good morning. >> reporter: good morning steve thankfully everyone inside is expected to be okay but what a bizarre morning for them 12:20 a.m. when police say an suv slammed into their home you can see it is all boarded up there, there
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has been crews out all morning long working on it. look at the video this is what it looked like overnight a 22- year-old woman was driving along aspen hill road, which is actually at this intersection, aspen hill road and park land drive where this home sits she was driving along aspen hill hit two parked cars they say and then came up the hill into the back of this home at the intersection the suv she was driving came just inches to a woman who lives here she was on the couch at the time we talked to her husband who was in a different room. >> taking a nap and i heard this loud crash, which i thought was an accident out here on the street, it happens in this intersection all the time i open the door to the back room and there was an suv in my dining room. >> everything happened so fast and suddenly everything
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collapsed and the closet was flying, washing machine and walls coming toward me i knew that was it, i am going to die right now. >> she is very lucky to be alive we spoke to her after she got home from the hospital. she is expected to be okay. her husband was in a bedroom and her son was in his bedroom, you can see the hole boarded up in the back of the house, all of them are lucky this morning at this point they still have a 22-year-old under arrest she is expected to be charged with driving under the influence. >> thank you alison. despite light rain, tight security large crowds things went off without a hitch at the national mall it marked the 235th anniversary of the signing of the declaration of independence thousands of people around the country turned out some tourists with foreign roots came out the
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celebrate. >> i like very much i am russian now i am living in denver i want to say words in russia [ speaking in russian ] >> what does that mean? >> happy birthday. >> so incredible to be here i enjoy it so much to be here with my kids and relatives from canada. >> united states, good place amazing place. >> it is great and really really colorful i love it. >> well, looks like the celebration on the mall was more than fireworks musical acts took the stage to entertain the crowd including steve martin playing the banjo there he is in the white suit, elvis and johnny cash and the one and only little richard. jordan sparks also sang for the crowd. nearby president barack obama marked the july 4th holiday hosting a celebration at the white thousands they
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welcomed more than 12,000 military families. the president took time out to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday. >> in many ways i think that that small band of patriots who signed their names, to the declaration of independence and risked their lives for freedom might be surprised to see their legacy all these years later a nation that is lead revolutions and commerce, that sent a man to the moon, that lifted up the poor, cured the sick, a nation that fought for democracy and served as a beacon of hope around the world. >> this is the third year the first family hassell baited july 4th with service members and their families. holiday makers back on the hill to try to raise the debt ceiling it must be raised by august 2nd or the u.s. will begin to default on debt
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republicans want each spending cut to go along with the spending increase, they are pushing for elimination of tax increase for wealthy. the jury in the casey anthony trial worked 6 hours without a verdict. >> reporter: after more than 30 days of testimony and more than 400 pieces of evidence casey anthony's life is finally in the hands of a jury. >> final words for a jury who will decide a florida mom's fate, casey anthony charged with her 2-year-old daughter caylee's murder. >> use your best common sense evidence should not relied upon for considering the verdict. >> reporter: prosecutors gave the juror a telling image to take with them. the tattoo she got while her daughter was missing, written
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in italian, bella vita the beautiful life. >> thinking her life was better without her daughter. >> that is the only thing you should consider. >> they painted her as cold, calculating, manipulative. >> casey's lawyer said her daughter accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool. >> we will have to surrender a verdict of not guilty, on these charges because they simply are not proven and they are simply not true. >> jurors deliberated nearly 6 hours before judge perry dismissed them 30 minutes early for the july 4th holiday. >> okay members of the jury you may be excused for the evening. >> so far they have not asked any questions the only way we may get an indication what they are struggling with is review of history or evidence.
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holiday weekend tragedy a boy drowned at sandy point state park the 6-year-old fell into the marina yesterday morning he was rushed to hospital where he died, department of natural resources strongly recommends people swim only where there are lifeguards on duty. a 25-year-old man missing in ann arun dell county. he and a passenger were thrown from their boat after making a hard turn another boat rescued the passenger the missing man has been identified as james cane of pasadena maryland. a boating accident on the potomac, a man fell out of a boat near 11:00 p.m. last night when rescuers found them, he was not breathing they were not able to receive him. we will check out some other stories making headlines including more on the violent 4th of july in baltimore. >> plus a look back at nasa's
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shuttle program and how it changed america. stay with us it is 7:10 a.m. [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg,
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7:14 a.m. fairfax county police investigating a deadly stabbing in weston the victim is a 62- year-old man no other information released. not all was smooth at the july 4th celebrations in baltimore a 4-year-old boy was shot in the leg as he left the inner harbour with his parents around 10:00 p.m. last night it is not clear if the shooter aimed at that little boy he is hospitalized in stable condition a man was stabbed outside mccormick and schmitt outside pier 6 he later died. an 11 month old is dead after she was left alone in a
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bathtub german town on sunday. police say the child's family left her alone for a brief period of time when they checked on her she wasn't breathing neighbors tried to perform cpr no charges have been filed. the dalai lama is back in dc he is leading a 10 debut list teaching expected to attract 100,000 people to here royson center wednesday july 16th. let's look at today, as we get through this week a short week for a lot of people. >> to week for a lot of people. >> some. >> extended vacation. >> waking up with a lot of sunshine a nice start to the day, i don't want to call it less humid but maybe a little less humid. >> that is a good thick. -- thing. >> temperature in the city, 76, 70s breaking out over the place, dulles, as you push off to the north and west, fog
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holding tough in spots like martins burg, 64 and let's open up, temperatures seasonably cool, 64 at the moment in pittsburgh, 68 chicago, so there is not a whole lot of very warm air across the mid- atlantic this morning and even with bright sunshine highs get right back up to where they were yesterday, 80s low 90s. satellite radar shower activity that breathes through the area last night brought parts of the region rain off to the south and east at the moment there you can see into ohio and indiana, clear skies, that will try to work in here later today mostly sunny highs 90 could be scattered thunderstorms returning wednesday and thursday, and hopefully we will keep it dry for the weekend highs upper 80s. typical july weather. >> not bad at all. >> thanks. checking in, take a look at traffic lauren. >> good morning. nice to see you back on the
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deck. all right. >> route 5, grant avenue, northbound, short cut road and brandy wine you will find traffic there. good hope road inbound 13th street disabled vehicle, right lane is blocked backed up to minnesota avenue. take a live look virginia from our traffic lane cameras, as you travel northbound 395, ramp on to duke street, landmark accident there, you can see a stop there on the ramp from southbound, 395, northbound you will find delays from duke up to seminary. 95, looking pretty good as you head through wood bridge brief delays, other than that you are in pretty good shape, 66 running well, other delays but things are easing out to the left of your screen as you head through centerville. rather slow montgomery county travelling 95, college park,
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silver spring, bethesda. back to you. thank you very much. the count down is on the last flight of nasa's 30 year shuttle program is just three days away. the four astronauts who will take shuttle atlantis into space friday are at kennedy this morning they will embark on the 12 day journey to deliver supplies to the international space station. they are looking forward to the mission ahead. >> we have a very event filled mission ahead of us, 12 days, we will be very very busy you can tell we have an abridged crew and when it is all over, i think i speak again for everyone when i say we will be very proud to put the right handbook end on the space shuttle program. they will join discovery and endeavor shuttles in retirement. a look back at that is' space shut -- nasa's space shuttle
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program. >> america's first space shuttle and it has cleared the tower. >> when it first arrived on the scene, space shuttle was revolutionary and iconic it all started 40 years ago when president nix on formed the space task group april 12th, 1981 the first shuttle columbia roared into space. it sailed into or bit, june 18th, 1983, sally ride was the first american woman in space. the next saw the first flight of an african america in space. he launched aboard shuttle challenger, august 31st, 1983 this was the first time the space shuttle launched and landed at night amid-history nasa's program saw its darkest day january 28th, 1986, when 7 astronauts lost their lives as challenger disintegrated shortly after launch it took nasa two and a half years to
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regroup from the disaster, shuttle discovery carried the oldest person to space october 29th, 1998 when it lifted off with united states senator john glen yet another disaster the tragic loss of space shuttle columbia, february 1st, 2003 the seven member crew was returning home when the or bitter broke up it took almost two years until the next shuttle went back into space, 2011, space shuttle program, discovery and endeavor flew its last flight. after nasa's return, they will be retired to museums around the country. >> thank you. 7:20 a.m. coming up a look how prince william and kate spent yesterday. then jump roping it isn't just a playground sport live with a look at the world jump rope championship and camp
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going on in washington. stay with us we will be right back 
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duke and duchess of cambridge showed off their competitive sides on day 5 of their canadian visit. >> reporter: prince william out matches his bride on their first official overseas trip since the big wedding in april. this after the two teamed up with local athletes in a friendly boat race just off prince edward island in canada his royal highness was in the center of his team's boat rowing the -- the duchess of cambridge sat in the back of her boat. the prince won but he consoled kate with a hug they watched a band perform enjoying oysters and lobsters, earlier in the day he landed his military helicopter on the lake on
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lookers dressed in parkas sat in lawn chairs to see if he could land the aircraft. he pulled it off without a hitch. it was his first attempt as part of a emergency military training exercise [ speaking in french ] >> excuse my accent,. the duke and duchess had been making headlines since their visit to canada began as kate greeted fans in quebec city one fan wished her well about having a family she was over heard saying yes, i hope to. 7:25 a.m. on tuesday morning, we will check out top stories, including more on why one local fireworks show was delayed for quite some time. >> prince georges county council is meeting to talk
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about the future for leslie johnson we will take a closer look when fox 5 morning news comes right back 
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the driver of an suv crashed into a home on aspen
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hill road just before 12:30 a.m. there were three people inside that home one was taken to local hospital as a precaution she has since been released police arrested the driver for driving under the influence the home suffered serious damage. >> hundreds of thousands once again wowed by the national mall fireworks the annual july 4th celebration went off without a hitch getting home tricky with 66 and 395 jammed out of dc metro says nearly 490,000 passengers road the rails as of 11:00 p.m. last night. in vienna virginia fireworks nearly did not go off they had the delay the show more than 30 minutes because of an electrical problem. the fire marshall had to go through each one to make sure they could go off safely once determined the show went off without a hitch. >> fireworks not the only 4th of july tradition there is always this. tasty. >> joey chestnut once again
7:30 am
taking coney island by storm winning the 4th of julys nathan hot dog eating contest the competitive eater scarfed down 62 hot dogs with the buns in 10 minutes. >> still fell short of the record. >> gross. >> in the meantime local contestant, sonia the black widow thomas was successful she downed 40 hot dogs in the first only ladies category. >> i feel bad for the person who comes in second. >> you still have a stomach ache. >> this guy ate 62, this guy next to him ate 55. >> all the face painting for no reason. >> either way. >> when do you first discover you have this talent. >> that is what i want to know in college or something,. i want to know why are they so thin both of them. >> the guy that won because we looked this up earlier when he is not doing this he trains like a ridiculous amount, runs
7:31 am
every day. >> physical he runs every day lifts weights, works out. >> how did you find that out? >> that is enough. >> you want the try it? >> no. >> he was live on espn yesterday. >> did you watch it? >> he did. >> what is disgusting they soak the buns in water. they use like this kool-aid this red stuff everywhere makes it look disgusting. >> even more you might say. >> we have exhausted that subject. >> let's move on. >> right to the headlines this morning, guess what. >> what? >> cool july week typical july weather, upper 80s low 90s, humidity just so you can be uncomfortable nothing too oppressive as you look down the road a little bit, later this afternoon more sunshine than yesterday it turned into a mostly cloudy afternoon rain shower activity moved in for the west storms return tomorrow that is the case today.
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more thunderstorms back in the forecast let's talk upper 80s low 90s. we will be next couple days, right where we should be as mentioned typical week here. satellite radar shower activities held up some of the fireworks off to the south. you can see those pushing off to the south and east, still left over showers in salisbury ocean city, bethany you guys will get a few more showers but here in washington pretty much done with it we should have a bright and sunny day, mostly sunny skies expected off to the north and west high of indiana, high pressure going to try to dig in for the day winds shifted temporarily out of the north should deliver nice weather for tuesday our frontal system late sunday and yesterday, that will return and increase possibility of thunderstorms. 76 regan national, not cooling off overnight, leonard town, 75 annapolis, 60s holding tight in the mountains fog
7:33 am
developed that will hold up temperatures, less than a quarter mile visibility, temperatures will eventually be upper 80s to 90 area wide. 90 for us, moderate air quality lots of sunshine warm a little less humid than yesterday. it will be summary around here later the day, partly cloudy and warm overnight, 74, muggy winds shifting out of the south, tomorrow, more humidity, scattered afternoon thunderstorms, friday and saturday thunderstorms, highs back upper 80s. traffic lauren is in. tell you what, judging by the amount of cars on the roads a lot of people extended that vacation by a day. things are looking pretty good except for one wreck we are working southbound 395, a live look from traffic land, right there near duke street first reported on the ramp, also activity near the through lanes see it slowing things down a
7:34 am
bit as you head in the southbound direction northbound main and hov lanes running pretty well. delays between duke and seminary, northbound 95, slows slightly as you head north into thornton, things look good as you head into springfield no problems on the belt way virginia, here we are robinson terminal, inner and outer loops, running well. heavy through montgomery county as you travel from college park toward silver springs, 270 no problems to report clarks burg down towards german town continuing into rockville and bethesda you should find your lanes open and problem free. alison over to you. >> thanks today prince georges county council will meet behind closed doors to talk about what to do with leslie johnson she pleaded guilty last week in the corruption scandal that brought down her husband former county executive jack johnson. so far she says she will not resign her seat on council however four fellow council
7:35 am
members and current county executive have said publicly she should step down. joining us with more, robert mccart knee the metro columnist at washington post. >> hi alison. >> we left out the fact that what we heard on the tape we heard this couple basically, with him allegedly on tape saying hide the money and her putting it in her underwear. this is more than your typical scandal you acrossed that in your column. >> what -- addressed that in your column. what came out at her guilty plea the prosecutor clearly believes she didn't just hide the money in her underwear and flush the check down the toilet in a panicky response to her husband's request it was clear from her comments on the phone she knew that he had been taking bribes that she knew the money was there she knew the money was ill gotten and that casts her in a particularly bad
7:36 am
light i think what is important about council meeting today they need to decide how to respond to this. and their legal options apparently are limited they have been told their lawyers, county lawyers told county council they do not have the power to force her to resign her seat now they only can do that when she is actually sentenced which is in october, october 13th or possibly only when she begins her sentence in theory, when the judge could say october 13th, this is your sentence but it doesn't begin until january. then she would have to -- once the sentence begins she has the give up her seat but they can't really force her out but it is such an embarrassment for the county to have her sitting there, you know, on the dais participating in some council
7:37 am
activities after she pleaded guilty to a corruption felony in federal court somethings they could do, they could strip her -- ask her to take a leave of absence, they could take away all the money for supporting her office, you know, but they apparently can't take away her sally one reason she apparently wants to cling to the job is to collect that $8,000 a month salary. >> interesting council -- fellow councilmembers appear to be either split or mute on the issue. you've addressed that. >> no, i think there is a definite split on the council, four members have called for her to step down now as you said and also the county executive, but the other four have not said a thing one of them is the chair of the council, ingrid turner and she and karen tolls are allies, political allies of leslie johnson they have been in the past they are also fellow
7:38 am
members of the aka sorority these sororities and fraternitys in some jury dictions in the region are of some civic and political importance. i think there is some loyalty there to a sorority sister we don't really know until after this meeting today where things stand it could be turner and the other three who haven't said anything yet are in fact, hoping and intending to do something top with leslie johnson we should wait and see what comes out of this meeting but i personally thing i wrote in my column sunday, that if the prince georges county which hates its reputation, as the haven, kind of haven for public corruption if it wants to do something, to help dispel that image, then they really need to build a bonfire of outrage, public outrage, under her and force her to step down from her seat. it is appalling some body who
7:39 am
pleaded guilty to corruption, a felony in federal court is sitting there in office collecting her salary it is an embarrassment for the whole county certainly but also the council, county, region. >> you say a chance for them to change any perception. >> at the very least they should strongly and repeatedly demand she step down. if council does not unanimously call on her to step down, then i think they are coming up short, on what i think from what i can tell from my interviews the public expects as well they are very unhappy about this. you know she does her time, and then comes back and says she is sorry, and asks for retension that is one thing she hasn't done her time -- retension, that is one thing she hasn't done her time yet. very interesting we will watch today and enjoyed your
7:40 am
article sunday. thank you. 7:40 a.m. on this tuesday morning we will check out sports headlines when we come back plus yesterday an extra special day at the white house we are not just talking 4th of july as fox 5 morning news continues after this 
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7:43 a.m. as we check headlines, 27-year- old tyler ferar became the first america to win a stage of the tour defrance on independence day. his teammate continues the hold the overall lead in the tour defrance. >> nationals shook off an era that caused them to run to tie up their independence day game against the cubs, an extra winning, jason worth, stolen base a wild pitch by chicago ended up stealing it for dc. i like to say they won not they stole it 5-4. it is a win >> they kind of stole it. >> first lady at nationals ballpark for the second game against the cubs to honor
7:44 am
military families, nationals dedicated july 5th to military families one military youngster will be the one to throw out the first pitch. a teenager now lives at the white house the obama's oldest daughter melia turned 13 yesterday they celebrated hosting hundreds of troops and their families for a barbecue on the holiday during a recent interview the president said he doesn't expect any mayhem for the next four or five years but understands being a teen is complicated. we got a lot of fox 5 viewers there. >> a lot of people came out to say hello. >> okay i got to go. >> you should definitely go. >> next time there wednesday night. >> oh, wednesday night. no. >> oh, he didn't invite me. okay. you said et was past your bedtime. i want to come when are they
7:45 am
playing? >> i don't know. >> it is always fun when they win. right to the ratures, 76 regan national, let's see, 65 hagueers town, 66 winchester fog there north and west, fog dense in spots, visibility less than a quarter mile, be ready for that ocean city left over showers and 77. all right future cast should be a much quieter day today, as we should see more sunshine than yesterday, all in all a good looking forecast, here we are, you can see later this afternoon just one or two showers and i think this is even -- i think the best chance of showers will be well south to the west of fredericks burg. more sunshine today, and touch less humidity than yesterday with highs expected to be upper 80s low 90s. your five day forecast, 90 this afternoon, 74 tonight, 88 tomorrow wednesday and thursday
7:46 am
return of a few scattered showers and thunderstorms and hoping to dry things out for the beginning of the weekend. >> all right looks good. nationals still playing the cubs wednesday. >> oh, they are. >> four game series, come any time. >> you are sweet. >> we will see you there. >> check with lauren at the tree with the traffic good morning. >> at the tree i like that. we have a new -- well, reports of slow traffic route 50, arlington boulevard, eastbound prosperity avenue then grand road to an non-dale, let's take a live lookout there, new wreck, inbound on the key bridge as you head to georgetown the right of the two left turn lanes if that makes sense. stay to the far left there, far right if you are headed to the right but watch for congestion making that trip in. travelling 395 near duke still seeing volume southbound because of the earlier wreck disabled vehicle in the hov
7:47 am
lanes as well. belt way heavy, 95, college park, all the way towards silver spring before the pace starts to improve near connecticut a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks lauren we want to say a big good morning to our facebook fan of the day, gia she just got a new job and her stolen car was recovered. yes. that is great. gia says if she was fan of the day that she should feel as if she were winning. >> remember that? winning? >> yeah. >> well, gia said it. >> i am happy for her. >> if you would like to be fan of the day search fox 5 morning news, and comment under her photo. >> where is charlie sheen. we invite you the follow us on twitter search for wttg morning news. >> we will be here all morning 7:47 a.m. coming up next hour.
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>> how your good food can effect your brain make you smarter. >> yes. >> we will cook up some recipes that will have you thinking, feeling and performing better. >> excellent. >> good morning. >> okay talk about performing this morning i have some performers literally the best at what they do. the best in the world. i really shouldn't say performers i should say athletes amazing athletes is what they are. live this morning at the charles e smith center campus of george washington university these kids are fresh off the world jump rope championship. they are going to convince us why this may be the sport for you live next on fox 5 morning news. we will start with something simpler than that. 
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7:51 a.m., double dodge, single rope wheel learn it all
7:52 am
at world jump rope camp. >> getting under way today at george washington university where we find holly morris this morning. good morning. >> jaw dropping i am telling you every time they show us something else, i am even more impressed and i should be because they are the best in the world in terms of jump roping in fact they had the world jump rope championship this weekend here, charles e smith center we are live and now it is turning into the camp like you said seanhamilton is with the world jump rope good morning. >> these kids are amazing. >> absolutely. >> what they do with a jump rope i can't wrap my mind around tell me what went on here this weekend and significant of it. this weekend we saw the best in the world come together in an attempt to unify the world of jump rope this weekend you saw more than -- more events than any other tournament in the world that way everyone has a place to jump and everyone has a chance to compete no matter where you come from, no matter how old you are.
7:53 am
it was a truly phenomenal event. >> is jump roping really a world sport? >> it truly is. over this weekend we had 15 countries represented, and growing and counting this camp is going to be the cherry on top s now, the athletes now turn into teachers. >> let's take a look we can brag on them a little bit everyone of them won first in one way shape or form. >> absolutely. >> there is different types and categories i want to learn more. >> this is called double dutch within of the more traditional forms of jump rope many folks can identify with. >> i think of the old school mcdonald's commercials. >> absolutely and it continues to grow what you see now here is caylee he is one she -- she is one of the top female athletes out there. single rope again one of the more traditional you may want to step out of the way. >> we are giving her the space to do what she needs to do.
7:54 am
>> now she is doing single jump she comes up with her own routine like a free style. >> yes, a from style routine. everything here is called free style you are seeing wheel. three person wheel and the really cool thing about wheel you can expand it from 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, people. this is called traveler the jumper travels and again fun fun group activity, a lot of kids just learning to get started with jump rope can do this, it takes team building, rhythm, everything team work, working together. they make it look like this is nothing and it also takes really good cardiovascular conditioning. >> absolutely no question. no question. jump rope is still the number one exercise you can do for your heart. >> i jumped for like one minute and i am winded kevin kef
7:55 am
exactly. >> -- >> exactly. >> it is a high intensity deal. >> i am guessing most of these kids started when they were young. >> myself included i started when i was 7 years old i am 22 years deep in the sport you start at a young age it become as lifestyle we have had folks from age 50 compete this past weekend. >> do you find it is a sport people can do for the long haul? if i am doing that it is hard on my joints. >> absolutely that is the beauty thing even though you may not do all the acrobatic skills there is still multiple skills you can do to produce a very strong routine. >> so what do people win? when you are part of the world jump rope championships? >> we did something different this weekend we gave crystals, trophies are beautiful, it is real crystal, globe on top and something they will always cherish and remember. >> look at that. what is the significance of the -- is it more or less difficult when you have a different
7:56 am
length of rope? if you are single it is shorter than long rope. >> absolutely. >> different skill set? >> it does depending on what skill you are doing you will have a different size of rope this one here is called long rope, they call it long rope but the actual specific is traveler, -- not traveler triangle they make a triangle with long rope you can do a multitude of things you can cross the rope, different formations, and the jumpers can entertain and switch as you see now they are switching ropes all in rhythm. >> amazing i cannot applaud you enough i am telling you our website we have a link to the world rope jump roping camp. we will talk more about it in our next hour and put this on your calendar, thursday 6:30 p.m., $5 will get you in a world jump rope show case you will see nothing like you have ever seen before they have done that for me this morning.
7:57 am
having a whole lot of fun. >> i can't imagine what else they will add to it,. >> i was a pretty mean double dutcher at adams school. >> i watched the youtube videos. >> is it up? >> yeah. >> i will send you the link. >> i did it to coincide with holly's story. >> no, i didn't. >> after 8, amazing story. >> authors of unlikely brothers, story of adventure, loss and retension join us in studio with more on how their big brother little brother relationship that started 25 years ago is still changing their lives today stay with us for that story
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
if you went to bed early last night fireworks may have awakened you. a wake up call for one aspen hill family a huge surprise when an suv crashed into hair home live on the scene talk being the homeowner -- into their home live on the scene talking with the homeowner. mexican navy looks for
8:01 am
missing fishers after their boat sank. more on how a little brother big brother relationship that started 25 years ago is still shaping their lives the day looking forward to talking with them. thanks for being with us. good morning to all of you we say good morning to tucker barnes, an up to the minute forecast. >> you got it i just looked out the window, sunny out. nice looking conditions across the region later today in for a typical july weather here in washington upper 80s low 90s humidity lower than yesterday and shower and thunderstorm activity, south today. we will be in for sunshine. let's get started i will show you rain showers, rained on some parades yesterday. unfortunately, there you go well to the east of the city, lingering showers into southeast maryland. lower eastern shore, ocean city, bethany, you might see a
8:02 am
left over shower for the rest of us, you can see sunshine breaking out still a little fog off the north and west as well. visibility in places like martins burg and winchester less than a quarter mile with that fog. temperatures 76 regan national, 70 dulles, 72 dwi marshall, our forecast today, a good one. hot, highs 90 or so nothing we can't handle typical this time of year highs upper 80s low 90s shower and thunderstorm risk not high today, return tomorrow. a little day of rest. >> give them a break. we will check in to see how the traffic is everyone heading back to work this morning lauren. >> somewhat. lighter volume than usual for a tuesday morning that is good we do have of course more cars on the road than yesterday. george avenue, seminary place, an accident blocking the left lane just cleared out of the way route 28, park mills road watch for the wreck near the
8:03 am
montgomery county, frederick county line a live look at 95, as you head southbound, out of laurel no real problems to report. to the left of your screen every thing wide open as it continues to college park on the belt way, you are going to find delays from college park into silver spring and bethesda once you get towards connecticut avenue the pace does improve. a wreck for folks heading inbound to georgetown key bridge the right of the left turn lanes you are still able to turn left stay to the far left toward canal road turning right head toward m street you should be in good shape watch for congestion there. 395 northbound, no real problems to report southbound, ramp to duke street remains blocked 66 at the belt way to the left of your screen a little bit of volume but you are moving a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.
8:04 am
this morning a car slammed into a house, three people inside at the time one young woman under arrest, following the story from aspen hill good morning sarah. >> reporter: good morning steve this happened before 12:30 a.m. this morning aspen hill road is just off to the side here, police are telling us that she came up -- the driver of an suv came up from this road, lost control came up the hill and ended up in the house that is actually behind me so they are really concerned how quickly she may have been going to have enough speed to come up through even a chain link fence here and into that house. police are still investigating right now of course that 22- year-old under arrest take a look at the video from overnight you can see the suv still inside the house here on aspen hill road police are telling us she hit two parked cars, then some how came up the hill as i mentioned and into the house.
8:05 am
she was driving -- it came to rest inches, actually the suv from a woman who lived here she was on the couch at the time this happened she said she just sat down, take a listen to what she had to say. >> everything happened so fast. and suddenly everything collapsed and the closet was flying, the washing machine and the walls all coming towards me and so i knew i said that is it i am going to die right now. >> crews had been out here all morning long trying to just board up the house right now the family is not allowed inside they are not quite sure when they will be allowed back inside this were three in the house at the time the woman you just saw there, released from the hospital, she was in the living room on the couch where that suv came tearing into, the husband was in a back bedroom, and their son was in a bedroom as well just off to the side from where this occurred. again police have the 22-year-
8:06 am
old woman under arrest, for driving under the influence, we are still waiting to hear about charges and the whole case is still under investigation at this hour. the latest in aspen hill back to you. >> thank you alison. the crowds dealt with some light rain and tight security but for the most part things went off without a hitch at the national mall last night the fireworks marked the 235th signing of the declaration of independence. thousands turned out some tourists with foreign roots came out to celebrate. >> i like very much i am russian now i am living in denver and i want to say some words in russian. >> what does that mean? >> happy birthday. >> so fantastic incredible to be here i enjoy it so much with my kids and relatives from canada. >> i think also looking amazing. united states, good place, amazing place. >> it is great and really really colorful i love it.
8:07 am
♪ [ music ] >> of course the celebration on the mall was more than just fireworks plenty of musical acts took the stage to entertain the crowd as they always do. steve martin was there playing the banjo, elvis and johnny cash impersonators wait for steve there he comes. ♪ [ music ] >> there he is. >> and the one and only, little richard. steve's favorite was there on the national mall. elvis impersonator. little richard. american idol's own jordan sparks sang for the crowd. it was great. >> great show last night. before the fireworks, president barack obama marked the july 4th holiday hosting more than 1200 military service members and families at the white house they enjoyed a barbecue and a concert on the south lawn the president took time out to reflect on the meaning of the holiday. >> many ways i think that small band of patriots who signed
8:08 am
their names, to the declaration of independence and risked their lives for freedom might be surprised to see their legacy all these years later. a nation that is lead revolutions and commerce, sent a man to the moon, lifted up the poor, cured the sick, nation that fought for democracy and served as a beacon of hope around the world,. this is the third year the first family celebrated july 4th with service members and their families. lawmakers will be back on capital hill trying to hammer out a deal to raise the ceiling of america's debt obama administration maintains it must be raised by august 2nd or the u.s. will begin to default on debt. republicans and democrats agreed to some spending cuts but still far apart on other cuts. jury resumes deliberation in the trial of casey anthony
8:09 am
they went for nearly 6 hours yesterday but did not reach a verdict the 25-year-old is charged with first degree murder in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old caylee if convicted she could face the death penalty. holiday weekend tragedy, a boy drowned sandy point state park animal police the 6-year- old fell -- an police, the 6- year-old fell into the water yesterday. they strongly encourage people to swim in areas only where lifeguards are on duty. a boating accident on the potomac a man fell out of the boat just before 11:00 p.m. last night when rescuers found him they were not able to revive him. rescue workers extending their search for 7 missing americans since the boat they were on sank suddenly sunday. one fisherman died 19 tourists, 16 crew survived. >> reporter: this is an annual 4th of july week long trip for
8:10 am
many of the 27 who ventured into the gulf of california saturday their 115-foot boat was 60 miles south of the port of san felipe early sunday when it hit an electrical storm. >> about 2:30 a.m. on the 3rd of july, passengers were awakened by other passengers and crew members and alerted that the ship was sinking. extremely large winds and water contributed to the dangerous conditions most likely caused the ship to take on water, and sink. >> 19 tourists, all 16 crew clung to coolers, rescue rings, life vests for hours before some were discovered by other fishing boats. >> passengers were in the water over 16 hours, eventually were rescued by local fishermen, and the military. >> jan got a call from her husbandry card. >> i asked how he was doing he said he was okay but the boat
8:11 am
sunk they all had to jump off the boat and take what they -- life jackets on some people made it to shore some had not. >> reporter: survivors were taken to a local clinic and then hotels all are in good condition only minor injuries those in the water are enduring 20 knot winds and swells making survival difficult. >> whether or in the they had life jackets on when they went in, if they had any other kind of survival gear if they could float on something or if they could stay together as a group that would increase chances of survival. >> later this morning mexican officials and u.s. coast guard will determine whether or not they will continue looking for possible survivors or if it is time to call off the search. again the accident happened early sunday morning but one mexican navy officer said with warm water and the water temperature it could be possible the missing are still alive. it is now 8:11 a.m. on tuesday morning coming up next check out the other stories making headlines including more on the violent
8:12 am
4th of july in baltimore >> maizing story ahead -- amazing story ahead the authors of unlikely brothers, our story of retension, loss and retension, how their little brother big brother relationship that started more than 25 years ago is still changing their lives today. much more coming up as we continue 
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
it is 8:15 a.m. let's look at some of the stories making headlines, fairfax investigating a stabbing grace falls virginia, police were called to the home 10:20 p.m. last night the victim a 62-year- old man no other information has been released. >> not all so smooth july 4th celebrations baltimore a 4-year- old boy was shot in the leg as he left the inner harbour with his parents last night. he is hospitalized in stable condition. >> meantime a man was stabbed outside of the mccormick near pier 6 pavilion and later died.
8:16 am
>> dalai lama is back in dc for his first major public event since stepping down as the leader of the tibetan government in march he is leading a 10 debut list teaching expected to attract 100,000 people to verizon center. coming up 8:16 a.m., let's check with tucker. i missed it last week i love it. >> we are happy to have you back we needed you not the same without you. time now for my first 5 photo of the day, and i guess this is miracle factor of the day because. >> beautiful. >> this is a great story this is tazia. >> good morning. >> all right get this story his nana says he is a miracle baby he already survived two open heart surgeries and has a third coming up next few years. >> bless that beautiful heart of his he is a doll. he really is. >> he looked great.
8:17 am
and -- >> he is just a joy for them. >> he has lots and lots of toys to play with. >> well, yeah. >> yeah. >> you know he has a long life ahead of him he needs to start on that good play now >> looks like he is doing construction going to be an engineer some day. >> go to and click on mornings and i hope you have a wonderful day today enjoy the sunshine. >> let's get to these numbers, 78, 78 regan national, warming up a little bit, annapolis, 72 leonard town, 60s hanging tough there north and west, let's see winchester 68 degrees. open up a little bit columbus, 70, detroit 71, chicago 72, nothing extreme here across the mid-atlantic as this frontal system waivers south. shower activity that brought us rain during the evening hours, pushing off the coast still a left over shower or sprinkle,
8:18 am
just looking here on another radar towards ocean city that is about it here in washington breaking out mostly sunny skies, indian ohio, lots of clear skies, high pressure temporarily going to try to nose in here later today high and dry, seasonal temperatures, upper 80s low 90s. mostly sunny skies, showers, thunderstorms return, at least the possible returns tomorrow and thursday and by friday and saturday highs right where they should be upper 80s plenty of sunshine a typical week shaping up here for the month of july. >> long time traffic and find out who else is going back to work. lauren. >> [ audio difficulty ]
8:19 am
>> right now in bound pennsylvania avenue, on the freeway in bound south capitol street a disabled vehicle crowding the left lanes. now travelling in bound, key bridge delays because of an earlier wreck, you are going to find that has cleared out of the way watch for slow traffic the length of the bridge and lynn street backed up from route 50 that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic steve over to you. chances are you have heard about the big brother big sister program. adults matched up with at risk youth for a mentor ship program you often don't hear how those relationships last throughout the years. the new book unlikely brothers our story of adventure, loss and redemption told by john who became a big brother to then 7- year-old michael and how their lives have intertwined for the past 27 years great to have you
8:20 am
both with us. >> thank you. >> i want to talk to both of you, this goes along with the book your lives seem on the surface to be completely different yet you stayed in touch so long john you are known for all your efforts you have done in africa and for some people through the celebrity effort, celebrities you partner with, michael you grew up here in washington at some point you became connected and stayed connected tell us how that came to be and how you survived these years. >> we met john when i was small in a homeless shelter living on 14th street in a homeless shelter we met him through the shelter. we just been together like forever. you know, stayed in contact with each other and right here together today. >> what was it about michael that made you not just want to be close with him when he was a youngster but stay with him all these years. >> a great story if it was hey we became little brother and big brother he was 7 and i was 20 and they lived happily ever
8:21 am
after but it wasn't like that. i went off to africa war zones and michael after a few years got caught up in the drug trade here in washington dc and we lost each other for awhile i was still working with his little brothers, but michael, you know he was drifting away from he and i wasn't willing to plunge in deep enough to be able to work with him to try to see if we could figure out how to get out of that thing so it was years and then we found each other again and have been helping each other ever since then. >> do you remember when you were 7 years old when john first came into your life and what that was like fo>> it was showed us different stuff we wasn't even used to the stuff that he did with us, but when he came into our life he changed us he did a lot of good things for us. >> he mentioned as far as your life you did stray a little bit. >> yes, i did. >> then you came back around did john and your relationship with him have any influence on that and how you were able to
8:22 am
turn your life around. >> it did i got tired of the streets, i was getting really tired of the streets i looked at a lot of things i got five kids of my own, five kids and a wife and from a lot of things that he did with us when we were smaller i do now with my sons. he did have a big impact on my life. >> is that important knowing that you have a family and what your youngsters, how they are going to grow u7 do you look at it -- up do you look at it like i want them to have that father figure. >> yes, i do i put 100% in everything i do. basically my five boys and my wife and by dog can't leave my dog out. >> you never can part of the family. >> she is part of the family. >> what do you thing when you look at michael and the challenges he has faced over the years where he is now. >> it is remarkable the strength of characters, that it took for him to face the choices that he had to face when the school system
8:23 am
basically abandoned him, the government couldn't care less what happened to this kid and his family roaming around the homeless shelters and the drug guys on the corner they cared about him so of course, going to be very attractive and then, for him to go through that and then be able to emerge on the other side understand his responsibilities clearly and now basically a pillar in the community where he lives up in gaithersburg burg, i mean it is a remarkable turn around. >> what do you thing it is important for young people growing up you take yourself back to when you were 7, 8, 9 years old looking for that maybe, whether it be a father figure or something to hold on to, you know, for kids today to not end up having the drugs on the corner or whatever it is be there, person that accepts them what is important to try to get through to these kids to make sure they don't end up that way. >> the basic thing is structure they got to have some type of
8:24 am
structure, older gentlemen need to step up and be a role model to these kids. which they can. it would make things better like the big sister big brother thing you know, if they could just catch them when they are young, and help them out, and don't turn their back on them and stay -- put their time in them it would make everything so much a little better they need structure a father figure around and a role model, to teach them things and show them things instead of the street thing make sure they go to school and do other good things with them. >> know some body believes in you. >> that's the thing back then, i thought no body believed in me at all i didn't care i was really young i didn't care at all. >> you have the pleasure and privilege to travel the world, to -- you've seen war zones and you've seen wonderful places you've worked with celebrities that you continue to work with today how does this rank with
8:25 am
some of the things you have done in your life. >> it matters so much i am always recruiting for big brothers tutoring and mentoring people are always i don't have enough time what if i let the kid down turns out i am like the perfect story because i let him down so many times i was gone for a lot of the big things that happen and still he thinks right or wrong it was partly because of our relationship that he made it through i am always telling people you don't have to be there you don't have to show up every day, every hour just make a small commitment to someone, in need, and have a tremendous impact on their lives, there are thousands and thousands of kids on the waiting list, for these kinds of programs because they don't have big brothers and big sisters or tutors and mentors, so i hope that this will inspire a few people to show up and be part of that those kinds of programs. >> we hope so here in washington and across the country and around the world i know you are doing a great job campaigning for folks in africa as well. michael i am glad to hear the success you have now i know you
8:26 am
are putting the message out there for others and adult men to help out and as you continue always a pleasure john i know you are heading back to africa this afternoon safe travels and we look forward to a lot more of you from the future. the book is fantastic, we will put a link on our website for more information. >> great story five boys and a dog. okay. 8:26 a.m. on tuesday morning coming up in our next half hour a look how food can effect your brain. we are going to cook up recipe that is will have you thinking feeling and performing better. jump roping isn't just a playground sport live with a look at the world jump rope championship and champs going on now in washington holly is there. stay with us fox 5 morning news will be right back 
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:29 a.m., 78 degrees let's look at some of the stories making headlines we know more about the bicyclist killed in sunday night's storm he was riding his bike on the cno canal toe path and hit by a falling tree but the man was identified as neil rike of
8:30 am
forest hills new york authorities say he was in the area on a bike trip with a companion. residents in arlington in clean up mode after sunday night's violent storm a slew of trees and power lines knocked down some fell on houses and cars, dominion reports 1400 customers still without power northern virginia. exxon mobil says it will do whatever is necessary to clean up the oil spill on the yellowstone river crews are currently using booms and absorbent pads they acknowledge it is a bigger problem than first thought they said the damage would be limited to a 10- mile stretch of the river but they now say they were not suggesting that was the limit of exposure. let's find out what is happening here. should be a great day waking up with sunshine across the area after rain last night, we will see rain out of the equation today >> i wish yesterday. >> most of yesterday was dry.
8:31 am
>> yes. >> most of it. let's get right to the headlines and let you know this week will be typical july weather, highs upper 80s low 90s, other night lows upper 60s low 70s. temperature, yeah, warming up 78 regan national, didn't really get a chance to warm up, 72 kwan co, hagueers town -- quantico, haggers town. that will burn off quickly bright sun line for most of the area, -- sunshine for most of the area. a look at your satellite radar, shower activity that delayed fireworks last night, off to the south and east, a few sprinkles and left over showers down through ocean city and bethany but let's focus off the north and west and what is
8:32 am
going on into indian and ohio high pressure this will try to nose in later today, that should keep us temporarily dry at least through the remander of the afternoon and evening. 90 today, code orange air quality, lots of sunshine warm a little less humid than yesterday, notice i said a little less winds out of the north, 5 to 10 miles per hour later tonight, do it again partly cloudy warm and muggy, 74 winds shift out of the south humidity once again on the increase and your five day forecast, 88 tomorrow, scattered shower thunderstorm tomorrow and thursday and then sunshine upper 80s by the weekend. okay that is a look at your weather forecast alison toss it over to you and you have more on smart food. >> you are what you eat tucker. >> what does that mean? >> i thing you just answered your own question. let's move along. what you eat can have an impact on your brain health certain foods are thought to pack a big
8:33 am
old boll lop of goodness. good morning nice to see you. >> good morning thank you for having me. >> that used to be what people said you are what you eat. >> very true. >> and my grandmother always said fresh food you need them they are brainy foods. >> high in omega 3 fatty acid which promotes brain growth. seasons 52 is a fresh grill and wine bar we offer guests a fresh dining experience to help celebrate living well we do it with an award winning wine list, seasonally inspired menu, live music every night of the week in an atmosphere, casual yet sophisticated. >> we are the restaurant that is right for the time today we will prepare lots of great brain food first cedar plank
8:34 am
roasted salmon. for the beats you wash them put them in a pan with 3 cups of water cover them with tinfoil put them in a hot oven for an hour to an hour and a half for cedar planked salmon i have prepared a marinade, malt vinegar, fresh lemon juice, soy sauce, dijon plus stand, lemon zest, extra virgin olive oil we will baste our salmon with it let that sit in the fridge for an hour when done take a cedar plank drenched in water overnight spray with it extra virgin olive oil it allows you to cover a large area. >> where can we get these? cedar planks. >> barbecue section of the store. >> spoken like someone who doesn't barbecue. >> 475-degree oven for 8 to 10 minutes until it is golden brown. >> over here this is an interesting preparation of broccoli i have taken a head
8:35 am
cut it into halfs like this, put it in salted boiling water for 2 minutes, then shocked it in ice water seasoned with salt and pepper and put it on the grill. >> with the thaws do the shocking. >> locks -- what does that do shocking? >> locks in nutrients. >> coat it with see czar dressing this might -- cesar dressing this might sound weird but i as sure you it is wonderful. the whole seasons concept, using good seasonings. >> natural cooking. >> yep, natural cooking methods, brick oven cooking oak wood grilling then over here a finished plate this is organic salmon roasted on a cedar plank, grilled broccoli, roasted goalen beats and another -- golden beats and another great trick i have grilled a lemon that accentuates the natural sweetness and goes on the plate and adds that one extra freshness. >> i have wanted to come to the restaurant, you are all over
8:36 am
one in atlanta. >> yeah, this is our 18th restaurant and there is two in atlanta one of which i used to be the chef there. >> okay good you are here now. >> a couple other things, this is an appetizer steamed adami. entree we just prepared and to complete the meal celebration tower filled with our indull generals. >> this is for your i am only doing this for you chef to welcome you to dc. >> you will love it just so everyone knows if you come in this week and ask for me i will come out, say hello ask offer you a miniindulgence with my come plenties. >> ask for chef dane scott, season 52. it is so delicious i like beats and broccoli but that is argute way to serve it to folks who don't. out of respect alison, i
8:37 am
put down the ho ho for the whole segment. >> two families torn apart by war brought together by marriage. it happened here in the area. the love story behind the wedding, coming up next 
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
this 4th of july will be one to remember for the sweet and balmer children. yesterday was wedding day for their mom and dad it was also a day that brings together two families torn apart by war. fox 5s. bob barner was at the ceremony. >> reporter: beneath the towering airforce memorial, overlooking the nations capitol, amid-the bus loads of tourists on this hazy summer day, appears a white stretch limo and in it, two families scarred by war. >> chris actually picked the
8:41 am
4th he always tells me i am his 4th of july he picked the 4th and picked location. >> i am charming that way >> yes, he is extremely so. wedding of airforce master sergeant chris sweet and his bride daniel in atten dense her two and his three children. >> this is about two families coming together, two families that have been through amazing tragedy. >> in daniel's bouquet, two small photographs the spouses they lost to war,. >> this is just another way for me personally to have them with me and have them be a part of the day. >> airforce technical sergeant ryan balmer was killed in iraq, four years ago he was 33. >> it was difficult and very very scary to have to thingant moving forward -- to think about having to move forward just the three of us and me trying to figure out how to be a mom and dad. >> 30-year-old jessica sweet died from leukemia two years
8:42 am
ago exposed to toxic smoke at burn pitts in afghanistan. >> very happy. very happy, start of a new life for me, rebirth after losing my wife. >> chris and daniel first met more than two years ago at a program for families of service members killed in iraq and afghanistan. >> we tell our kids, they have a mom and dad in heaven and a mom and dad on earth. >> chris' mom and dad flew in from ohio to attend the ceremony. >> they both have been through so much and for them now to have found one another, and have the opportunity to go on living, we couldn't be happier for both of them. >> i am so happy so unbelievably happy and overwhelmed. >> in the end, we are happy and we've found each other and our families are together as one and it was important we do it here so that ryan and jessica
8:43 am
can be a part of the ceremony as well because they remain a part -- a big part of our family. in arlington virginia, bob barner, fox 5 news. 8:42 a.m. on this tuesday morning. >> the world's best jump ropers are in washington today they are teaching us their tricks. holly good morning. >> reporter: they are teaching me their tricks are you guys going to join me? i would welcome the help in learning this elite sport which we are learning, it truly is as we are live at the charles e smith center. their summer camp is just getting under way they are getting stretched out and ready to jump yes, fresh off their world jump rope championship win, some of the staff will teach us a thing or two about their sport it is all live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us. i am saving this trick for you steve i told them you could do that out giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol.
8:44 am
it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol.
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8:46 am
all right, what is your favorite double dutch? >> double dutch. >> of course whether you are double dutch, single rope you can learn it at the jump rope camp. >> at george washington university we find holly morris there this morning. >> reporter: good morning how cool is it to go to summer camp
8:47 am
where you are taught literally by the world's best that is what is going on here they just had the world jump rope championship over the weekend here at charles e smith center now it is transitioning into a camp and some winners are spending time with the campers i want to spend a little time with the skill level here and different types of jump roping this is tory and tory will demonstrate speed jumping look at that. i hope you can hear the rope going round and round and round and now, if you thing that is impressive, keep going tory this usually lasts 3 minutes. she has to jump like that for 3 minutes i told you you would only have to do it 15 seconds there you go. excellent very impressive she is just one of the winners taking part in the camp ryan joins me good morning to you. where are you from? >> washington. >> i noticed when they were
8:48 am
introducing the staff here, a few from seattle washington. >> yeah, one of the biggest in the country for jump rope. >> what drew you to it? >> a school program called jump rope for heart they had a club after school one of the girls from the club was on the team. she said come jump with us. i thought this is fun so i went out and jumped and i stayed with the team for a couple years and eventually i started travelling and king these competitions and meeting people from all over the world. >> there are literally people from all over the world here taking part they are getting warmed up and our other staffers are doing demonstrating for us what made you like get the bug for this sport as opposed to maybe a more traditional sport. >> i think it is the people. there is a really different kind of environment with the people here, it is super friendly people are willing to share and teach everybody any time even if you are competing, showing each other different tricks and learning and everyone is really friendly and
8:49 am
polite just a different environment i gravitated toward. >> reporter: to be part of camp like this you are obviously at the height of your game. >> it is the experience, seeing the kids i can see where i was at that age and being a part of their growing experience it is cool. i can see myself in them a lot. >> reporter: okay well, i am no spring chicken i am not these kids learning but always willing to try so i am going to check with caylee here they told me one of the easiest things to do was learn double dutch how long have you been jumping? >> 13 years. >> how old are you like 15? >> no. >> you are so young where are you from? >> louisiana. >> very good what is the key here for us? >> the key is bounce up and down in a rhythmic fashion get your feet 2 inches off the floor and just keep your beat. >> i will just follow you sister and we are good. >> absolutely. >> you guys are going to make me look good i am not stupid i
8:50 am
know it is all about the rope people. i just jump and i will look good ready. >> bounce up and down perfect they will start turning the rope. yeah, very good now we are going to turn to front do side straddles with your feet ready, set, go, apart, awesome. very good and we are going to jump normal. ready go. turn back to the side. jump like this on your right foot. ready, set, go. yeah, very good. nice. okay now back to normal, two feet, yeah, very nice. so now we have two people we need some partner skills, scoot towards me, turn around ready, set go i will tell you while we do this, our website. >> very nice. >> in case we -- >> about the world jump rope championship and camp going on here at the charles e smith center, i will see what else i can learn in the next hour. >> absolutely >> oxygen. okay back to you.
8:51 am
>> wow. >> so good. >> okay good job holly >> coming up an update on the search to find who it was that hacked into fox's political twitter account. >> coming up after 9, gospel artist trey will perform for us. stay with us  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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secret service is involved in investigating a hack attack on a fox news twitter account. it began tweeting early yesterday, president obama had been assassinated of course that is not true. fox news owned by the same parent company as fox 5 called it malicious and false. its political account has more than 34,000 following the company has requested an investigation from twitter. want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, gia. she just got a new job and her car which had been stolen was recovered so she had a pretty good day and said if she was fan of the day it would be even
8:55 am
better she said she feels as if she is winning. well, you are. congratulations you are today's fan of the day if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook. no space between fox and 5 and post a comment under gias photo. >> coming up, wisdom will be back, to join alison to take you up until 10:00 a.m. >> the author of it is just money why does it cause so many problems joins us to give insight on what you need to think about when dealing with financial issues, stay with us fox 5 morning news will be right back what makes the sleep number store different?
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queen mattresses start at just $699. and during our summer closeout, get the lowest prices of the ed sets. experience the sleep number difference. only at one of our 400 sleep number stores. good morning i am wisdom martin. here is a look at the stories we are working on, a big surprise for one maryland family when a car slammed into
8:59 am
their home that driver is now under arrest. we've got the latest in the crash investigation coming up in a live report. >> and hours of deliberations are now done a florida mom's fate still in the hands of a jury they are back to work in the murder trial of casey anthony. >> financial stress, it is at an all time high for many of us why are so many americans getting stressed out the author of it is just money why does it cause so many problems will join us in studio to explain why and offer up helping tips to help with our money issues >> i can answer some of those questions. >> right we can talk for a long time. >> a long time. >> let's turn instead to tucker barnes in the weather center with better news. >> good morning nothing but good news in the weather sent aerolot of sunshine in the -- center, a lot of sunshine in the weather forecast. shower activity off the coast last of it off toward ocean city all that pushing east, that will be out of here in the

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